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Unable to submit survey because there was not a survey and the code I was to input there was no place to input a code to use so I could not save 20% off of my order. What is up with that?

How much will be taken from my Credit Card if I am been cheated from a 20% savings? Let me know what is going on or I will have my CC company get my money back and not use you device at all. I will just have to put it in my trash can. That is up setting to me It was a great item and it works great.

That makes me feel very cheated. Told to do something to save me money, and it was not given the truth, You do not have a good company

Please let me know ASAP. about my 20% savings, do I get it r not?

You shouldn't lie to your customers. I don't find you honest at all and I will sure let others know not to order from " FLAWLESS" it isn't a good company and they are not honest to their customer. You are give a code at the bottom of a survey to take and the survey is not there and therefore you can't place a code in any thing and you don't save 20% like you are told. It is a company that does not keep a promise.

The place they tell you to go to is not even there and you do not and can not fill out a survey. So don't even try.

Product or Service Mentioned: Idea Village Hair Remover.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2498.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Idea Village Pros: Item.

Idea Village Cons: Fact you are not truthful.

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What I see in the photo are the bumps on your skin that you get when you shave to closely? I'm not going to dispute what you're saying because I have absolutely no reason to? I hope you got your money back and everything is alright now, and I would be a little more careful next time, because we never know when we purchase something these days what we are getting?


I would like to know more about the 20% I could save and If I was wrong or I do get it. Then I will let every one know it was a mistake and I was wrong and should not of done what I did. People that make me angry is very upsetting.