I ordered the b/o/g/o pop chef offer as a gift for two of my daughters.What came was a deluxe set which the operator told me to divide myself between them.

I said that is not what I ordered, and wanted two separate boxes. The supervisor said they no longer have that offer and I said that I would like to return the item and I wanted full credit. She said I could do whatever I like. I called my American Express to file a complaint and they will investigate.

I don't think I should be responsible for return shipping when I didn't get what I ordered and paid for the first shipping I paid for.I will definitely think a long time before shopping here again.

Monetary Loss: $34.

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popchef website sale is a big fraud. they took my money before i saw the new total charge on my account. i returned the product and they took my money its all a scam....beware.

Orange, California, United States #674017

not only is this company a rip off but their employees gave me all the wrong information.

the advertisement says $10 plus $5.99 for shipping and bonus (pay shipping) i clicked the option to not take the bonus and they still charged me the additional shipping.

i called CS and they girl said it wasnt in the system yet so to call in 4 hrs because it takes that long to process.

I called back an hour later to ask how i can cancel it (even though i had a order number) they said i coudlnt until it showed in their system. and she said to call back 4 hrs later... i call back 4 hours later and this other *** now tells me to call back the NExT business day which is MOnday. so apparently they are close july4-8.. this is ***.. if you have a electronic system of taking an order there should be a way to cancel the order or email the request or soemthing NOT have to call back every few hours because they keep giving me the wrong information.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #658067

Me too.I order this kit for 10.00 + you get 30 pc , when it came I got the kit, put not the 30 PC.

They said it was the wooden stick, which the website didn't they say.

It all a slam.I was disappointed.


That stinks! :sigh This is exactly why when I see something on TV that I possibly am interested in, I first read online reviews & then I wait for it at Walmart or Walgreens so at least there is no problem returning it.

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