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doesn't work any better than my $14.99 Norelco Trimmer - actually I think the Norelco works better - I feel this item is a rip-off and I should have read the reviews before I purchased it - This product is a prime example of the comsummer rip-off we get all the time - too bad there isn't some type of law that prevents companies and products like this (sonic groom) from all the false advertising - cut my self twice using it - can't believe I was... Read more

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I am upset about how little copper is n this product and tht it doesn't really work! And the fact that I spent extra on the hard plastic that came with it and what are the non mentioned other fibers in there!!! And one last thing I want to return the product but I have to pay to return it!!! Sincerely disgruntled!!!! Della henderson Add comment

Stitching to hold belt pieces together is coming apart...!!! Order Number.43351.2015.34522.001 Item: CFBACKXL The product is coming apart at the seams... Belt does not support the way it should... I would like a replacement belt so I can start using it again... The quality is definitely lacking, unless this was not done according to manufacturer's spec's the first time around at the production level... Obviously, the belt was not inspected for... Read more

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This watch came broken the hands just oral nothing works please advise Add comment

My name is Ritchie Nehmer, I just bought your Sonic Groom for shaving and trimming, 1/30/16. I opened the package and there was no micro foil head. MY phone number is 954-559-8612, my email address is HELP!!! Add comment

I purchased the copper fit bracelet advertised by Brett Favre. I purchased on 12/31/15 and still have not received my item or been able to find out the status of my order. Add comment

I have purchased two of the subject items. The first worked the first time and then quit. So I tried a second and it did not work from the time I purchased it. Both have new batteries and the light works but not the trimmer. Piece of junk. And I am out $20. Probably will not purchase any other Idea Village products. Also reviewed the Terms of Service and they are enough to *** off a customer. Read more

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Dears Sirs I was so excited to purchase and try this Yes razor. I read the directions. Charged razor, unplugged it once it was charged( green light). Attempted to use it the next day. It worked. And now has not worked ever since. Ugg. Tried recharging, still no go. Please help what can I do about this I got it at target and still have receipt.model number is. I'm very disappointed in the product,I was looking forward to trying a new... Read more

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Was charged $81.93 for 2 micro touch razor blades... Which is not what I had ordered... When I checked my E-mail & realized this... I immediately called the customer service # provided... Spoke to Customer service agent 557 ... She assured me that the issue was resolved & my order had been fixed & I would receive the product that I requested... Which was 2,of the micro touch safety razors.. Which came to a total of 60.94... Quote ... Read more

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I have already written my issue in another complaint. You took my credit card info, tried to rip me off with extras, then hung up on me and did say how FCC Etc. I am still on hold with your fake customer service number and have been on hold for over one hour. I am really furious with your company. I was ordering this for my husband but you can bet I will never use your company again. I was never given an order number or a authorization number.... Read more

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